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  • Early Childhood Education

    Building a child's confidence. Creating a tar, safe environment for a child to learn.Expanding on a child's abilities through direct instruction. 1-1 in person Tutoring in NYC and the Hamptons and 1-1 Virtual Tutoring Anywhere!

  • Social Emotional Learning Activities

    We will work with your child 1-1 and evaluate their strengths, what they love to do, and areas of growth! After the informal, FUN meeting, we will meet with families to share findings and suggest activities to continue to foster your child's love of learning! We will even suggest activities to do to continue to develop your child's passions!

  • Elementary Education Online

    We will provide 15 activities per month for you to do with your child in under 15 minutes that will promote developmental skills such as social emotional learning. ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies and Art to name a few. These activities will need no extra products and will be a fun way to make home school connections with your child!

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Who We Are

"The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility "

At The Wonderers, we understand the critical role that Early Childhood Development plays in determining future potential to learn, socialize and succeed, which is why we pride ourselves on being dedicated experts and thought leaders in the space. Through tailored 1:1 tutoring and small group socialization for kids, curriculum consulting and design for teachers, and developmental coaching for parents, The Wonderers provides the support and consistency required to build confidence across each child's journey.

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Tutoring In New York City

Best Online Education Platform Meet The Founder

Since 2011, our founder, Chelsea Petrozzo has been a teacher in both a private and public school setting in New York. Throughout that time, she has regularly tutored children from Pre-K through 5th grade and has seen a growing need for private tutoring in the education space, specifically elementary education.

Through games and meaningful interactions, Chelsea has been able to help children to master their schoolwork while developing their confidence and ignighting their own love for learning .

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  • Monthly Classes (Subscription Packages)

    We know it's difficult to make a meaningful home school connection regularly with your child to foster a love for learning. For $1 a day ($30 a month), we have created a program with 15 activities you can do with your child at home to help with social skills, language and math skills, art, science, social studies and more! Each month you can receive 15 short videos with additional free activities you can do with your child, many of which you can do over and over again, to hone in on their school skills! Each month will be a new topic beginning in September with Social Skills!

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  • Our Offer

    Social Skills

    15 activities to work with your child on social emotional learning.

  • Our Offer

    Monthly Activities

    Every month work on 15 activities in different domains of development including ELA, Math, Science and more!

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